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Drones in Real Estate

Posted On: 14 August

real estate drone

Standing out in the real estate business is becoming harder and harder in the digital age. Most prospective buyers begin their searches online, so it is important for online property listings to stand out among other real estate listings. High-quality photography and videos are one way to set your property apart, and the most appealing method of doing that is with drone technology. Drones in real estate are fast becoming the best way to showcase a property.

Advancement in Drone Technology

Dramatic camera drone photography is beginning to be the most important new technology in the real estate business and it’s clear to see why that is. Using a mobile drone camera that can take pictures of every angle of a house can often produce stunning images that show just how impressive a home can be. Real estate photographers are beginning to use gorgeous, sweeping shots of home exteriors that seamlessly fly around and capture homes in a way that was previously impossible.

Considerations for Drone Photography

Even though drone shots are very impressive, it is important drones in real estateto realize the limitations before relying too heavily on your new technology. Some limitations include:

  • Fixed position photography – Carefully focused to avoid unpleasant features and accentuate the home.
  • Smaller listings – Apartments, condos, smaller homes.
  • Environment – Tree cover and surrounding buildings that can block your views
  • Standard Shots – Tree level shots and below are still best done by a handheld camera

The Benefits of Drones in Real Estate Photography

Once limitations are realized, however, the benefits become clear. First of all, aerial photos used to be much harder to come by. You could either use low-resolution satellite imagery or you could hire an expensive plane or helicopter. It just wasn’t practical for real estate listings to have those kinds of pictures. Once advancements in drone technology came about, the limitation on aerial images was broken. The views of homes that were possible with drones in the real estate business were too appealing not to jump on. Similar to the way Instagram pictures you post are taken at your best angle, the drone photos were able to find the best angles of homes. Large, unique properties could be viewed in their entirety and land that came with a listing could be seen from the birds-eye view. Apart from the home, the buyer could see pictures taken of the land around the home. You could take a photo of an entire street or town to give your customers an idea of the area they are buying from.
drones in real estate
Drones in the real estate business are swiftly overtaking the business, and that is a good thing! Customers can get a view of a home that could sell them before they even take a look at the price. Perspective is everything when it comes to photography, and now that idea is making its way into the real estate business with the use of drones!

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