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5 Home Improvement Projects Under $250

Posted On: 29 June

Home improvement may seem time consuming or expensive, but there are projects that have never been more affordable or easy. These are not major upgrades, like furniture or major appliances. There are major upgrades for the home that are always going to cost a large sum of cash, and there are also fixes that need to be handled, such as leaks, cracks, or broken appliances. However, there are a few home improvement projects that will add to the aesthetic and pleasure of living in your home, will not take much time to do, and will cost under 250 dollars.

1. Improving your front door.

home improvement projects

The front door is always the first thing you or a guest sees before entering your home, so its visual style is very important. Upgrading to a new type of door can be costly, but improving your current front door can be easy and effective. Simply adding new features and a fresh coat of paint can make a home look great and feel welcoming. To start off, you can install a new doorbell kit ($50-$100) and upgrade the lighting ($25-$100). Changing the color with your door is easy as well, but there are still more things to do. This includes adding a new doormat that fits your style or planting/potting new plants around the entrance. If you are economical in your approach, you can do all of these home improvement projects for just under $250, and it will hardly take any time at all!

2. Upgrading curb appeal

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Curb appeal is just as important as the front door, as even those who are not visiting your home can be impressed. Most people do this project before putting their house up for marketing purposes, but why wait until you are selling to improve the look of your home? There are easy things (and sometimes relaxing) things you can do to make your curb appeal skyrocket. This includes pressure washing the driveway (rent for $100 or even borrow a pressure washer), updating your mailbox ($50-$200), or repairing stairs or gutters. Cleaning or fixing can make all the difference, so outside the home improvement is just as important as inside. If there is one thing that stands out from the curb that needs taken care of, most people tend to focus on that aspect. Always make sure to keep everything clean and fixed!

3. Check-up on your greenery

In the home or outside the home, greenery can make a yard or room stand out. Sometimes instead of spending a handful of cash, getting your hands dirty is all that is needed. If you’re edging, weeding, or trimming, yard work can make all the difference. Get rid of those pesky weeds in the hard to reach places or your flower beds. Sometimes you have to dig up a whole bed and start anew, but the finished product will be worth it. It is always better to grow perennials to save some money, as they will keep coming back year by year as long as you take care of them. Potted plants will also make your interior feel more alive and welcoming. A little bit of green in your modern home can make you and your guests enjoy it even more.

4. Repair walls and add a new coat of paint.

As long as you are able to reach every inch of your wall via height or ladder, you can update the look and color. Sometimes there are bumps, holes, or cracks, and they can be overlooked for months or years. It’s easy to repair, simply sand or fill in with plaster/drywall and then paint over with your original paint. However if you’re looking to update a whole room, a new color may be exactly the solution. A bucket of paint and primer can be as low as $30, so consider changing what you have already.

5. Finally organize your closet

Organizing your closet doesn’t always mean organizing your bedroom closet. Oftentimes people will have closets in their houses for living rooms or washrooms, and there is no method as to how things are put in. For under $200, closet organizers can change your home life forever. With a standard set of tools, transform your closet to have new rows of shelves and clothing rods. For the more ambitious, you can build a system from parts available at a home center. Most brands will simply make you drill into drywall, so installation isn’t always as complicated as it seems. Once it is easier to access and store, you will start to put things away without even realizing it, therefore making your home look better and less cluttered. You will not have to scramble to put things away if someone visits, rather your home will stay immaculate and ready for anyone to see.

It really is not hard to get your house looking great for not that much money! Sometimes all you need is a little motivation and home improvement know-how!