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How to Save Money and Energy in your Home

Posted On: 15 December

Have you ever wanted to cut your energy bills in half? Saving energy is a win-win situation for you and the environment, and it has never been easier. The majority of energy bills come from heating, cooling, and other large appliances. Whether you are an old or new homeowner, these How to Save Money and Energy in your Home tips are guaranteed to save money for your home.

How to Save Money and Energy in your Home 1

The Numbers

In regard to percentages, 44% of utility bills come from heating and cooling, 33% from lighting and appliances, and the rest from water heating and refrigeration. Once you realize what your bills are comprised of, then you can begin to make a plan for saving money in your home. To address heating and cooling, some ways that you can improve your energy use is being smart about what rooms you control the temperature in. If there is an unoccupied room in your home, there is no need for you to be heating/cooling the empty space. Close off vents or radiators in these rooms when not in use, and you’ll begin to notice a change in your bills. The same is true when people are sleeping. Turning off or changing your heating and cooling at night cuts off almost half a day’s sum of energy.

Using Nature to Help Save Energy

When controlling the temperature in your home, one thing to think about is the sun. Yes, the sun can sometimes be your most efficient heater and it is free to take advantage of. An easy way to control heat is to open your eastern and southern facing window shades during the day to heat up your rooms, and then close them when the sun goes down to keep that heat in. A natural way that can save up to 25 percent of your household energy bill a year is the installation of trees. Yes, trees can control the heat and cooling that the sun provides your home, and they can also save money for you! Careful placement of a tree (or trees) that loses its leaves in the fall is the key to efficiency. The trees will block the sun in the spring and summer with their leaves, and in the fall and winter they will allow the rays to shine onto your house. Evergreens and shrubs can also help deflect winter winds when planted on the side of your home. Not only can trees be something that improves your curb appeal, but also something that will make your energy bill more manageable.

How to Save Money and Energy in your Home 2

Switch Off & Unplug

In regard to appliances, there are some obvious choices that you can make, but there are also some things that you may not thing of. First of all, be conscious of turning off computer screens and televisions. These appliances consume a lot of energy, and if they aren’t in use, they need to be turned off. Not only does it save energy, but it also improves the life of your electronics. The same goes for lights. If a room is not in use, the light should be switched off. This is an obvious fix, but it is something that can easily be forgotten if in a rush. Lastly, unplug chargers when not in use. You may not realize, but chargers consume a lot of energy even when they are not charging their respective devices. A lot of these fixes come down to simply unplugging or turning off things not in use, but sometimes there needs to be a reminder that this does actually help your energy consumption and it will save money in your home.

How to Save Money and Energy in your Home 3

Whether you’re already settled in your home, or you’re just moving into a new house, these How to Save Money and Energy in your Home tips can help save money and improve the environment. Small decisions that you make can make a big impact on your wallet, and oftentimes it takes just a little reminder to give you the motivation to stick to it. With all of these tips in play, all you have to do is watch your utility bill go down.